UK general election 2010

I’ve been very rude about our politicians in this blog and, to a degree, rightly so, but maybe this is time to stop the humour and get serious. Yes I have showed signs of apathy about the election in my attempts at being funny, but I am very serious about it in truth.

In my ward, South Swindon, apparently only about 60% of the electorate turned out to vote last time, so less than two thirds of those eligible. That is pathetic and we need to do better.

Yes I think that the televised debates are a complete waste of my time and I will not be watching any of them, but if they make a few people get of their backsides and vote then they will be a good thing.

To a degree I don’t care if the candidate that I vote for doesn’t get in as long as they are beaten in a decent fight. Saddling us with a complete waste of space that less than half the electorate voted for is not good, so come on people of the UK, and especially of South Swindon, get down to your polling stations and cast a vote.

Democracy is about the majority vote. Sorry if that is unpopular in some quarters, but it is a fact; we are governed by the lot who win the most seats and that should be the ones who most of those who can vote have gone for. It would be good if the next government were formed by a party that more than half of the voting public wanted in power.

I shall be trying hard to promote the right to your vote. Yes I would like you to vote for the lot that I favour, but most of all I want you to vote. People died to get you that right and allow you to keep it, so get out there and use it.

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