is the 2010 election just libdems vs tories? part 2

I tweeted on this earlier today and have had some comments back.

The reason for the question is that I’ve seen the local Tories out knocking on doors and working the streets every day round these parts since Saturday. Earlier on Saturday we’d been in Cheltenham and had seen loads of Tory posters and signs as well as, in Cheltenham itself, a good smattering of LibDem posters. Sunday I wasn’t out much, but today I’ve been over to Oxford, Woodstock, Kidlington, East Oxford and back. Loads of Tory posters, but not one for anyone else either there or on the way to and from.

Comments on my tweet suggest that Tavistock and Quinton, well to the south west and north of me are also a sea of blue, so where are the others? Are they just going to run media campaigns and not bother to get out and face their public? Time will tell.

One of the things that kept me interested in my younger days, long before political correctness and “staying on message” got in the way of the truth, was to go and see the politicians of the day. Heckling was both witty and good sport and a decent dialogue could be had. Politicians had personalities and could actually talk English rather than the sound bite loaded nonsense we get these days.

You didn’t have to agree with them. In some ways it was more fun if you didn’t, but the likes of Dennis Healey, (a young) Neil Kinnock, Michael Foot, David Steele, Barbara Castle to name but a few were bloody good value out on the streets where you can’t hide. I miss them all.

Still, we have an election and I’m trying to get exited about it hence tweets and blogs that are begining to pour forth. I shall be a bit quiet for a couple of days as I’m at a conference in London tomorrow and Wednesday, but will tweet odd thoughts if anything comes up while I’m there.

Oh, and if you don’t agree, then comment here. Let’s have some debate. It’s what democracy should have in its foundations. But keep it to issues; nothing personal. (Is this the right room for an Argument? Yes, it is, in this case Abuse is somewhere else).

PS: the #sswindon hashtag is for the constituency that I live in. Check my tweets for a link to find yours (I re-tweeted someone’s original with the link a day or so ago).

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