election report 19 April #ge2010

Well, I’ve been over to Witney this morning and guess who’s popular there? A lovely moment at a set of traffic lights which must be on the constinuency boundary: On one side, vote DC on a big sign. On the other side, vote for his Tory colleague next door on a, by comparison, tiny sign. Not able to stop and get a photo.

Still no sign of anyone else yesterday or today*, either out and about or in terms of posters. It’s all rather monotonous really. Maybe I’ll see some evidence of the others later in the week. Trips to London (again) and Corby coming up.

* As I got ready to press the Publish button the Labour party turned up on the doorstep (well one brave soul on their behalf). The Wokingham Wonder opened the door to him, and I’ve no idea what she said, but at least someone else has been sighted.

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