election report 23 April #ge2010

I’ve had a different week from the one I’d planned. Apologies for the gap between reports, but that’s life.

During my travels this week, and those of my able assistant who took on my Corby job for me, it has been more of the same; Tory signs all over and nothing for anyone else spotted from the car or the train windows. Over in the US there would have been a forest of signs up for the competing parties, and I’m used to seeing more over here, but it is all one sided really so far.

Tomorrow I’ll be off to Cheltenham as usual on Saturdays and will pass a few LibDem signs again. It’ll be interesting to see if there are more following the TV debates.

Talking of the debates I have stuck to my promise of not watching and, from what I’ve heard on the news and read in the papers, I’ve not kissed much, but I am concerned that people have been so influenced by such a stage managed piece of nonsense. A hung parliament would be a disaster for the country in my opinion, and more so if it came about due to a bit of stage managed fluff designed to give the media something to fill their bulletins and papers with.

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