election report 29 April 2010 #ge2010

Following on from my Tweet last night after I’d heard the news I am still critical of him for having said what he did, albeit that the guy was amingst his personal team and should have had an element of slack in that environment.

The problem is that you have to be so careful about what you say these days. Once you’ve said it, no matter how private you might have thought the situation, it is said and could get out into the wide world. Take the Pope scandal at the FO. I can very much see a situation whereby discussion could have got out of hand over possible things for him to do, and I’m well aware of the black humour that can take over in these situations, but, however it happened, someone let it out into the public domain.

In GB’s case he was back in his car with close personal aides and should have been given some room to blow off. He’s in a pressure situation and amongst friends, but who allowed that mic to stay live long after it should have been switched off and taken off him?

For once I have an element of sympathy for the guy and I give him credit for the personal apology. Has it changed my mind on whether or not Labour get my vote? No, it hasn’t, and I would be disappointed with anyone who says it has changed their minds. The election is about bigger issues.

Intersting that the media are still waffling on about it being neck and neck in the polls when so many of the ones doing the rounds show a very different picture. Do they think that we’re that gullible? Yes they do, and, in many cases, unfortunately they’re probably right.

Off to the far side of Cheltenham today, so will be passing the usual forest of LibDem & Tory posters and signs there, but will be looking for evidence of anyone else having a presence over around the GCHQ side of town. Watch out for a report later.


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