Blog Rules

  1. The purpose of this blog is to pass on my personal thoughts on the world in general.
  2. Posts may use humour, irony or sarcasm to express my frustration as in the Letters to the Editor series, they may see me campaigning or they may just be observations on life in general.
  3. Occasionally I may mention political matters, but I have no political affiliations; I just campaign as an centrist independent on matters that concern me although I do have an aversion to Marxism. I have no time for any of the current crop of politicians, or any that has held office in the last twenty or more years.
  4. At times I will use additional blog posts to promote my own products or events or those of others that I feel deserve a wider audience.
  5. In the interests of disclosure:
    1. I did advise the Prime Minister’s office during the Blair years, but this was on operational aspects and not on political ones. My advice was, in any case, not taken.
    2. I own and operate a consultancy business through which I work directly with clients and also sub-contract to other consultancies. Any posts that appear on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of any business that I am involved with.
  6. Please feel free to comment on this blog: Debate advances humankind and it does not matter if we do not agree.

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