Which John B?

When I was at school I thought that I had a pretty unique name, but far from it. Now, and in times gone by, Bowens John have turned up all around the world; pirate, settler, and all sorts, even a name linked to Lee Harvey Oswald during his Mexican exploits.

They are a bunch of mixed talents, and so on this page I will start to list a few with links to their web sites or pages about them, so it will be a work in progress. Now that I have created a space to start putting things, as and when I come across one I will add it.

Click on the hyperlink by each name to find out more.

Tasmanian Colonist – Well I didn’t found the first colony there, but this one John Bowen (14 February 1780 – 20 October 1827) did.

Pirate – Well some people may think that I might be, espcially given my support for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but this one isn’t me either: John Bowen (? – 1704)

Bishop of Sierra Leone – Well I don’t believe in G-d and I have suffered from gout, so I do have some qualification to be a Bishop maybe, but this one isn’t me; John Bowen (November 21, 1815 – June 2, 1859)

Watercolorist – Now here is a John Bowen with real talent and it is another one that isn’t me.

Author, Playwright, Screenwriter and more – another contemporary JB with real talent, and one who inspired me to writing, one more John Bowen that is not me.

US Financial Thought Leader – John J Bowen has been the Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Wales University, Providence Rhode Island, since 2010, having served as President and Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to 2010, and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University. We share the same author name through our middle initial and both have a number of published works to our shared name, but he is yet another John J Bowen that isn’t me.

Sir John Bowen, Racing Driver – As much as I once had aspirations to race cars they were not fulfilled, nor have I been knighted (for services to bullshit?), but this John Bowen was a knight and died racing cars; such is life.


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