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Are your best friends your PC and your mobile phone?

In these days of texting, mobile phones and social networking is virtual commuication becoming too dominant? Yes it is (fairly) instant and keeps people in touch, but what effect is it having on the art of conversation and social skills?

I use business networking groups as a way of keeping human contact up – what about you?


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working from home

I first began to work from home in the early 1980s when I was in IT and the equipment supplier for the project I was working on was based nearby and their project manager lived round the corner from me. I could save the 3 hour commute to my London office and back and be more productive against the tight deadline we had.

That worked well, but it was almost 20 years before I did it again, this time pretty much for good. In the time between I had risen up the ladder gaining my own little box office, then a bigger one, then one with a 4 peg coatstand and bookcase (a big ego step!), then a bigger one still only accessible via the office of the secretary that I shared with a fellow director. After a spell at that level I had got the open plan bug, had all the walls taken down and moved through having a desk the same size as everyone else to just hot desking. Then came the moment to move to truly LIW (Location Independant Working) and I’d hot desk (or scrounge one) whenever I was at an office, but worked from the couch, the dining table, hotel lobbies, coffe bars, supermarket cafeterias, airport lounges, on trains – you know the routine.

Over the years I’ve been through most of the stages; delighted, euphpric, bored, depressed, enthused, galvanised, gone native and more, not in any particular order.

Over on my business blog my next Monday Musing, published early on 1 February, will cover my top 10 tips for making working from home work.

Check out the link on the right for Thatconsultantbloke’s Blog. Tell me (or him) what you think.

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