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RIP John Bowen

No, not me. If you look at the tabs under the banner on this blog you will see one for the John Bowens who are not me on the Which JohnB? tab. There are several famous ones, even notorious in one case, but they are not this one.

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when TV adverts were fun – Carling Black Label on snooker

Another older clip and back with Carling Black Label. Here we have snooker world champions John Spencer and Terry Griffiths with top referee of the time Len Ganley and with the voice of the late “whispering” Ted Lowe. Spencer’s throw away “you ask him” at the end is a classic.

Anyway, enjoy the advert here.


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when TV adverts were fun – an opinion, and a bonus advert

I hope that folks are enjoying my little weekly series providing a link tosome of the TV commercials that I think were great examples.

Whilst the implication is that they are not that good these days, I do enjoy some of the current crop. The long running Walkers Crisps series are usually pretty good, as are most of the Cleaner Close mini soaps (my favourite being the launderette one).

Many of the French car company adverts have style, but I do like to see some intelligence and wit, and a big favourite at the moment is the Cats with Thumbs one from Cravendale. Anyone who is owned by a cat will understand this one.

Anyway, I hope that there will long continue a tradition of decent advertising, especially as we have to put up with so much of it these days.

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an atheist’s thoughts on life, death and Easter

Two ladies I know have died suddenly within a 36 hour period this week: My former mother in law passed away after a short illness on Tuesday and then a friend of my own age died suddenly yesterday, barely 24 hours after we had left her smiling and content in hospital.

We all know that death will come eventually, and, for both of the ladies, those around them knew that their days were numbered in months in all probability, but the news still comes as a shock.

I have  no religious belief, but many of the bible stories that I learned as a child still convey a sense of truth in their telling. Easter carries messages of death and resurrection and, as I reflect on the passing of these two ladies, I cannot be overly sad that they are gone because they are at peace and are beyond the deterioration and decline that faced them. I think instead of the good memories that I have of having known them and of approaching whatever time I have left here with renewed intent to do good things and make the best of that time.

Losing someone who you know is always hard, but those left behind have their own lives to lead, and better to make good use of them than to mope and moan. Instead honour the memory of those who have gone by using your own lives well.

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john bowen? no, that one isn’t me

Hardly an original title, but since I started to get active on the blogging front I’ve come across all sorts of namesakes around the world and over time.

Just for the fun of it I’ve created a page here to list some of the other JBs with a link to more information about them, or to their web sites if they have one.

It will build over time as I come across ones I think that I’d like to include and, if you are a JB and would like me to mention you here, please let me know and I’ll gladly include you.

To see who’s there, click on the tab at the top of the page, or on this link.

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