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Excellent news of our Florida villa – another award

Hot on the heels of winning an award for the second year running in the Florida local business reviews we’ve just been awarded Rated Excellent status for our Florida villa by internet travel web site FlipKey. This is based on the level of feedback from our guests. Happy customers can’t be wrong!

Click here to view the web site and you’ll find we already have the coveted “Rated Excellent” badge displayed. Better still come and stay in the villa.


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Meet one of my favourite columnists

It was in 1993 that I first set foot in the USA, briefly treading a path through an Atlanta airport being refurbished ready for the forthcoming Olympics before making it to Tampa.

Settling in to a three week vacation the local paper was one of my early purchases and amongst its pages I first read Daniel Ruth. Over the years since his columns have been one of the many joys of my trips to central Florida and now I can read him on line.

Try him yourself here; http://www.tampabay.com/writers/article934435.ece

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a bit of a busy week this week

I’ve got some stuff to do for the villa, admin things to do with guests coming over the next couple of months, paying the bills I can’t pay automatically, state and county tax returns for last month and prepapring the papers for our CPA to file our 2009 IRS return.

Tomorrow I’m off out for the day on business (Williams GP at Grove), and have a webinar booked for Thursday pm. First of those that I’ve done so not sure what to expect.

It’s also coming up to car MOT time and there are a couple of cosmetic issues that may need to be sorted, so I’d rather get them done now than pay through the nose later,

I’m also into another contract for writing exam papers for one of the professional bodies, and do something every day on those to keep them moving towards the deadline of late this month.

No time to be bored!

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