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The Pope’s visit to The UK

I am disturbed by some of the aetheist led fervour around the Pope’s current visit. I don’t believe in God, any God, but I am tolerant of those that want to. I have seen the comfort that such beliefs bring and I have seen the injustice of extreme behaviour carried out in the name of a God. We all have history open to us if we want o look at it, but I will passionately defend until my last breath the right of those that want to believe if they want to.

I’m not blind, as I say, to some of the things that have been done in the name of religion, but all religions, as far as I can see, are founded on decent principles. Those who, like me, don’t share a belief in Gods and all the trappings of religion, but have chosen to attack the Papal visit with such vitriol are, in my opinion, no better than the religious bigots who have littered history with so much pain and blood.

The man is here, and his visit will bring pleasure and comfort to many of our fellow humans. Why try to spoil that?

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letters to the editor number 19 – initial thoughts


My attention has been drawn to the intials PM. Amongst other things, they appear to stand for:

a) Prime Minister
b) Puppet Master
c) Peter Mandelson

Am I alone in thinking that this is no coincidence? I think that we should be told.

Yours faihtfully
Worried of Wiltshire

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