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The joys of writing, part seven

There are those days when I can stare alternately between a blank page and the world outside my window for ages with nothing flowing between brain and fingers. On other days the two parts will connect and words flow freely onto the screen, but with none of them making much sense.

The magic happens when the words just flow and a good story emerges. It may be fact or fiction, a blog, article or book; it doesn’t matter as long as it just pours out of me.

It is rare that any such good session is perfect. Almost always I will print a copy off to look at later and read off the page. That is where I will see the typos and redundant words and can correct them, making whatever it is that I have written tight and economic. Of course if any such piece is going before an editor they will improve it further; the fresh eyes always make a difference.

Nothing can compare though with that thrill of a good hour, part or full day at the keyboard. It makes up for all of the frustrating days when nothing worthwhile can be prised out. They always come; I just don’t know how, when or why and maybe that is why they are so special.

The odd thing is that, when faced with a deadline, something always does come. It’s just that not everything forced works as well and whilst I have never had a piece rejected, there have been many where I have taken my fee with no feeling that I have earned it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though and just because I do not like one of my offerings does not mean that others will not enjoy it. The hard side of that truth is that something that I feel is magnificent may fall short of my reader’s expectations.

It doesn’t matter though because the pleasure that comes when the words fly onto the screen is such that it will keep me going for days.


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More on the joys of writing

It is about five years since I started to blog and to write for magazines and three years since I published my first book. Since then I have written two more books and around eight short e-guides. Continue reading

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so I haven’t been to the cinema in thirty years

A little exchange on Facebook the other day got me thinking about films. I had commented on reading of the demise of Philip Seymour Hoffman Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor – thoughts on the inappropriate use of popular music


The power of advertising is unquestionable and people often cite my criticism of what I regard as a bad advert as being proof in point; “Are, but you remember it, so they did their job” will be crowed gleefully at me. Continue reading

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of teenagers and freedom

I was listening to some teenagers moaning on the bus the other day and one said that they wished that they were “as free as a bird or something”. Continue reading

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A Village People Tribute Band?

Here I am, halfway through Movember and just contemplating my Mo efforts in the mirror when a voice from the hall enquires if I’m thinking of starting a Village People tribute band. Briefly I’m puzzled, but she explains that with the ‘tache, white tee shirt, jeans and Caterpillar boots I am maybe dressed for an audition. Continue reading

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the joys of writing part six

One of the joys of writing is when your muse is on full song and the words fly from under your fingers as you scribe or type. On such days there is nothing wrong with the world and writing is a pure pleasure. Continue reading

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fun with word games – would you vote for these men?

As a child I loved those word puzzles that would be in the annual that I got for Christmas and have loved playing with words and language since. Whilst in the USA back in 2008 I played around with a campaign bumper sticker and came up with: Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor – how can it be stealth tax when he’s told us and we all know about it? #Budget2012


Of course the country is up in arms about the tax plans for pensioners, but it is hardly a stealth tax is it? It was publically announced in a high profile speech and the media have been banging on about it every day since. It doesn’t seem like a very stealthy approach to my way of thinking. Continue reading

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the joys of writing part five

This week I received from the printers my proof copy of “Trousers” in paperback. The moment of joy at having my own book in my hands was soon over though when I spotted the errors on the back cover. Now these are mine as I had used a precis of an existing piece with some changes to tense, but had failed to carry the changes through fully. Easily fixed though. Continue reading

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