the joys of writing part six

One of the joys of writing is when your muse is on full song and the words fly from under your fingers as you scribe or type. On such days there is nothing wrong with the world and writing is a pure pleasure.

Once you start to write seriously, perhaps through a blog, things change a little for you will begin to attract a following, even if only a small one, who will look forward to your publishing new work. You can still enjoy your writing, but the days when nothing seems to flow can take some of the joy away.

In this blog I write when I feel like it, but it is about four years since one of my readers challenged me to start to write more seriously and to produce a 600 word piece every week. It took me a while to get the discipline and to hit the target, but Monday Musings has been in that format since January 2009 with the exception of my recent stay in hospital when it became a daily story of life on the ward for a few weeks.

The lady who challenged me to write to a schedule and length was a professional journalist who warned me that making a living from writing was a very difficult thing to achieve, and she recognised that I had no such ambition, but she did warn me that one of the things that I would have to face up if I wanted to become a serious writer would be having to write when I didn’t want to, on topics that I didn’t want to write about and sometimes both at once.

And that is a challenge, for there is little joy in trying to create a piece under such circumstances, so why do it? The answer is that you’ll do it as part of a wider scheme; perhaps to gain experience, build a reputation or to help pay a bill. Whatever your cause here you will need to maintain a level of dedication to the task and it will be a help if you can develop some sort of routine so that you can meet your deadline with a piece of suitable quality.

In the next episode in this series I’ll talk about some of the things that I do to help me with my writing.


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