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one thing you have to know about irritating me

You know the sort of thing; social media and my email inbox are full of these screaming headlines: Continue reading

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more thoughts on #Facebook

I was muttering here about Faceache the other week, saying how I was using it less and less. Feedback from friends on that post and a subsequent Tweet got me thinking that I should try and give it more attention, but the results have been patchy. Continue reading

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just realised how long it is since I used faceache #facebook

It must be at least 2 months since I looked at Facebook. Over that time I have been very busy with work, staying away from home for some of the time, but, whilst I have been Tweeting under my various guises, blogging across 5 of my 7 blogs and in and out of LinkedIn, Faceache has not excited me enough to bother with it despite the random email reminders it sends me.

Will I keep the account? Maybe. Perhaps I might consult one of my more Facebook savvy friends about making better use of it, but even writing this little blog in its honour hasn’t inspired me to try and remember my log in details and fire it up.


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letters to the editor #31 – more fun with words


When I was younger, if asked to make a decision, people would say it was up to me. Now they would say it is down to me.

At what point did we get this inversion? I think that we should be told.

Yours faithfully
Worried of Wiltshire


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Are your best friends your PC and your mobile phone?

In these days of texting, mobile phones and social networking is virtual commuication becoming too dominant? Yes it is (fairly) instant and keeps people in touch, but what effect is it having on the art of conversation and social skills?

I use business networking groups as a way of keeping human contact up – what about you?

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