more thoughts on #Facebook

I was muttering here about Faceache the other week, saying how I was using it less and less. Feedback from friends on that post and a subsequent Tweet got me thinking that I should try and give it more attention, but the results have been patchy.

My first thought was that I would activate the #FB app on my ‘phone. That would mean that it was there and I could access it in any odd moment on the train or ‘bus maybe. And yes, I have begun to do that, but find myself still frustrated with it.

This maybe more to do with using the mobile version, but why do I get FB emails telling me that I’ve been poked or have a friend request only to find when I launch the app that I don’t have any such treats awaiting me? Is the mobile app not working or are these spam emails that want me to log in through the link in the email to steal my log in and access?

And as for the site itself I am really in need of some time to work out how it all works and how I might best use it, but I don’t have the inclination to find the time.

I will keep using FB for the foreseeable future, but it will remain a low priority for me as it really doesn’t seem to be doing anything that I find especially useful.


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