more on Nora the Nasal Nodule

Yesterday I found myself back at the Great Western Hospital. Not just there, but up on the third floor where my Mother spent so much time in her last 7 months or so and where she died in the end; poignant moments being back on that corridor.

I was there to see the skin cancer specialist about the lump on my hooter, aka Nora the Nasal Nodule or, more correctly, a nodular basal cell carcinoma.

The news is that Nora is to be dug out and the date is set for next month, so I shall be back at GWH for another operation. All being well I will only be out of circulation for a few days, mostly caused by the likelihood that I won’t be able to get my glasses on over the dressing.

Many thanks to the fine people at GWH for yesterday’s visit. I was well looked after as always.


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