a talent for lump production; what will HR make of that?

It is a while since I have blogged here. Neglect has been due to so many other things going on in my life and this blog has been one of the things that has regularly fallen off the end of each day’s to do list as demands on my time arrive from all directions, not least the need to interact with the Wonder of Wokingham, but also chasing and winning, or otherwise, opportunities to earn a crust.

The reason for today’s visit is that my talent for growing unwanted appendages seems to be still with me as another visit to the NHS yesterday has confirmed that the irregularity that has adorned my nose for just over a year is not what was originally thought, but is a skin cancer.

This is nothing too serious; a nodular basal cell carcinoma to be specific. Not in any way life threatening, but something that needs to be removed and later today I have to make another call on my NHS friends to start the process of arranging said removal as a non urgent surgery case.

So the spirit of Larry the Lump has re-emerged as what I now refer to as Nora the Nasal Nodule and I will report her progress, and hopefully her demise, here on these pages in the coming months.

Perhaps the next time that I am faced with one of those, as far as I am concerned, stupid HR questionnaires that require me to state my talents I should put lump production at the top of the list? I’d quite like to see how they would cope with that should things proceed to interview.


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