London2012 is just a big yawn for me

I know that there are those that will enjoy the Olympic Games this Summer, but I am not one of them.

The Olympic ideal has long since vanished from the games, I have no interest at all in watching them and the thought of stauration coverage on TV appalls me. I’m even thinking of taking time out abroad somewhere to avoid it.

The cost of holding the games does not worry me too much as the money goes round and all those who have had some decent paypackets amongst the construction crews will have been grateful for the cash and will have spent at least some of it amongst the shops which will have kept a few more employed.

All of those coming over will also be putting money into the UK in some way so there goes a few more quid into the pot. All of that will be taxable in some form so it helps towards whatever the public purse put up in the first place.

I hope that those who are interested enjoy their watching whether that be on TV or if they can get ther in person. I’ll find something else to do, but avoiding London2012 and Wimbledon (which also lost it’s charm for me many years ago) is going to make it a long Summer. Oh, and then there’s some football tournament on I hear…


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