Letters to the Editor – the class war

Dear Sir

The class war is really a middle class thing, hence the fact that we have an upper class, a lower class and a plethora of middle classes; upper, lower, not quite upper middle etc. However, that is to keep the pretentious people out of the peasantry where they do not want to be, nor do we peasants want them amongst us for that matter. The upper class certainly don’t want them, so for the middle class the class system is an essential.

It is in the lower orders that resentment flares up, mainly through the politics of envy these day and every day I see in the mire of social media evidence that my Leftie friends are winning this battle to rid us of the class society. Indeed almost every social media platform shows that the Left in this country has no class whatsoever.

Yours etc

Disgusted of Dorcan


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