shock, horror! monty python not funny?

On Facebook today I learned of others who did not find Monty Python funny, and realised that I was not alone, at least if you exclude the older generation of the time.

I had grown up on the extreme radio comedy of the Goons, and later such wonders as Cambridge Circus, I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, and then their morphing into TV with At Last The 1948 Show and similar, so Monty Python was much looked forward to.

For me, though, it largely bombed. I faithfully watched very week, despite (or maybe because of) parental disapproval, but it let me down every time. The only thing that I found mildly amusing was the Lumberjack Song sketch and that was my lot. As for the follow-up films, I did see a couple because the lady in my life at the time was a fan, but I thought them abysmal.

Maybe there is a touch of the Emperor’s New Clothes here; no-one wants to speak out, but now there is some hope. For years I have though that it must be me, because the programmes are so much-loved as a cult classic, so it is nice to know that, whilst I may be in a minority, I am not alone.

On that note, with apologies to Mr Cleese, I will make another confession. I don’t like Fawlty Towers either. Its only redeeming feature for me was Prunella Scales’ performance as Sybil, the rest of it I found embarrassingly awful.


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