one thing you have to know about irritating me

You know the sort of thing; social media and my email inbox are full of these screaming headlines:

“You need to read this!”

“You must see this!”

“X things you need to know about Y!”

My response is “No I don’t” (please adjust grammatically to suit  (assuming you realise that adjustment is necessary)).

The problem with this sort of nonsense is that all you are likely to see if you click on them is a landing page that wants your email address, probably so that they can not only send you more rubbish but also to enable them to build a mailing list that they can sell on and an invitation to buy something that will tell you little that you didn’t already know.

If you email me anything with such a title I will delete it unread and if I see such things on social media I will ignore it and, if possible, take steps to ensure that your drivel does not pollute my devices in future.



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