a change of name for the blog

The original blog title of John’s Jottings was a bit ordinary, but I had not been able to think of anything better for some time. However,

I found myself being asked to line up for a number of group photos, especially where I had been working overseas with various teams and am immortalised in social media around South America and North Africa amongst other places. Because of my size; six foot two and pretty wide, I am fairly large and so am always posed at the back in group photos.

Moving away from photos for a moment I have a feeling that when I read the extreme views of some of my cyber pals most of whom (the extreme ones) are Guardian fans and left leaning, but in the USA tend to be right wing, I am somewhere in a lost centre, perhaps what we used to call the silent majority.

Recently I featured on the cover of a magazine as one of a panel of four diarists who rotate in writing a column for each issue. The magazine had got us together for a round table session and whilst I liked my individual photo, I really don’t like the one that they took of us all to put on the cover where, once again, I find myself relegated to the back of the echelon line up. The other blokes look OK, but the one at the back? Judge for yourself here…


Dissatisfaction with that photo combined with the perception that us centrists are maybe a lost voice swirled around the grey cells for a few moments last night and the phrase “The voice of the bloke at the back” came to mind. I briefly thought about putting together a new blog, but then thought that it was a good title to use here and so have changed the title this morning.

As always, please feel free to express your thoughts if you would like to. I’m always open to comment and whilst I sometimes am rude about something in the blog posts I am never rude about those who criticise me. I believe in free speech and am wholly opposed to the state of political correctness that we have had inflicted on us over the last 20 years or so.

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