fun with word games – would you vote for these men?

As a child I loved those word puzzles that would be in the annual that I got for Christmas and have loved playing with words and language since. Whilst in the USA back in 2008 I played around with a campaign bumper sticker and came up with:

Obama Biden? Change 1st b for an s and insert “n la” after the i. Osama bin laden?
A bit of a PR disaster back then even.
This year that ticket is running again, but what about the opposition? One doesn’t seem to have a proper name; Mitt Romney? What does that translate to? Mitt = glove, or protective item. Protective = condom? Romney Marsh – well known wetlands. Marsh = bog & bog is slang for toilet. Condom Toilet? Another PR nightmare.

It is an interesting campaign for an outsider, and a political independant, to observe, for Osama, sorry Obama, could never live up to the wave of hype that swept him onto the nomination and the presidency. Surely that much was obvious?

Four years on he should have been a dead duck, but his opposition seems to be someone who has had a charisma by-pass. The choice will be about ideaology rather that the individual despite all of the artificial posturing, negative campaigning and futile TV debates, but it would have been nice to see some real personality on offer.

It is a shame that we in the UK have allowed our political elections to also descend into faceless people too scared to speak out on real issues following the US model. It would be good to get partners, kids & pets off the rostrum, throw political corectness out of the window and talk straight about what really matters.

If we had that maybe I would pay attention and stop playing word games with their names.

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