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Started behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce at 13 and have driven, and flown, all sorts since.

Letters to the Editor – Public Urination

Dear Sir

What are things coming to? When did it become acceptable for a man to just stop and take a leak in a public place? Twice this week I have been on a footpath and, on coming around a corner, encountered a man urinating at the side of the path, but whilst there have been just these two close encounters there are a number of places along my regular walks where there is a distinct aroma suggesting that certain places have become well used as toilets.

There was a time when, if nature called and one was too far from proper facilities, one would disappear behind a bush and deal with matters in private, but sadly such times seem to have vanished.

Modern times are a sad disappointment in many ways.

Yours etc

Disgusted of Dorcan



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fun with word games – would you vote for these men?

As a child I loved those word puzzles that would be in the annual that I got for Christmas and have loved playing with words and language since. Whilst in the USA back in 2008 I played around with a campaign bumper sticker and came up with: Continue reading

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back (excuse the pun) at the chiroprator

Having managed to put my back out speaking at the Public Procurement Show the other week I have been back at the chiropractor. The one that sorted me out after being rammed from behind on Birdlip Hill has moved so I have found myslef a new one. Not the one where the owner runs a Maserati and wanted me to pay them thousands, presumably to keep up the payments on the trident job, but one who has reasonable charges and has got me walking around pain free again.

If you do take up this route you do need to think about long term work on your skeleton to get bones and muscles working and, as you get older, this makes more sense.

So if you have problems, do consider a chiropratctor to help you. It has worked on me and I would be happy to recommend my lady to you. Drop me an email or post a comment here and I’ll pass on the details.

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