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letters to the editor number 6 – bad language in public


Filling up the Jaguar with unleaded this morning the Wonder of Wokingham pointed out a bumper sticker on the car in front. I’ll not repeat it here, but it contained a four letter word that we both felt should not have been there.

How is it that the Police can prosecute a child for chalking a hopscotch pattern on the pavement and yet others are freely allowed to print, sell and display offensive bumper stickers?

Yours faithfully

Disgusted of Dorcan

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new amazon eStore open today

One of my business connections, Transport Books & Models, has opened its eStore on Amazon today. Check the Transport Books & Models link on the right of this page.

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for food fans

The Wokingham Wonder and I have started a new blog here on WordPress to share some of our passion for home cooking. We’ve listed a couple of recipes so far and will try and add new ones each week, along with some of the other things we’ve picked up over the years in terms of making life easy in the kitchen and good at the table.

We’ll also provide reviews of places we find to buy food, web sites we think are useful and anything else that we think might help.

Home cooking doesn;t have to be hard, and you can create all sorts of healthy meals if you try. We do, and so can you.


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Facebook | Where’s Mow

Got friends down in South Wales? Know anyone on Barry Island? Can you help me get this message out to as many folks in that area as we can please?

Facebook | Where’s Mow.

via Facebook | Where’s Mow.

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letters to the editor #31 – more fun with words


When I was younger, if asked to make a decision, people would say it was up to me. Now they would say it is down to me.

At what point did we get this inversion? I think that we should be told.

Yours faithfully
Worried of Wiltshire


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more fun with the national health service

I had to go over to my local health centre last week for a periodic check up. As I’m getting closer to three score years it’s good to keep a check on how the old body is doing, and I’m pleased to say that it’s not too bad at all. A couple of things I need to watch, but I’m doing better than maybe they thought, and this is the issue. I knew that I was doing better than the numbers that they told me I needed to be around because I had the same set of blood tests a couple of months ago at the hospital.

Bearing in mind that we are talking about two establishments both part of the Swindon NHS trust and barely two miles away from each other as the crow flies why is the information not shared?

How much time was wasted on two appointments for the tests, two more appointments for the results, two sets of postage to send the samples plus all of the consumables involved, two lots of tests?

I know the anti big brother mob are rabidly against centralising information, but this is an area where surely it would have made sense to have made the first test results available to my general practioner’s office? With all the waste in costs why oh why does this sort of thing go on?

When I had the first of the two operations at the NHS hospital I signed a form and that released all of my notes and test results from the private hospital that I had seen previously about that health issue, so if we can swap data between the private and public services, why can’t two parts of the same public service do the same?

What saddens me most is that money and time has ben wasted on me that could have benefited somone who really needed it. This government has done so much damage to the NHS it is hard to believe that it was a Labour party idea in the first place.

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Are your best friends your PC and your mobile phone?

In these days of texting, mobile phones and social networking is virtual commuication becoming too dominant? Yes it is (fairly) instant and keeps people in touch, but what effect is it having on the art of conversation and social skills?

I use business networking groups as a way of keeping human contact up – what about you?

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F1 2010; full bore, or just a bore?

Having waited with real anticipation for the start of this F1 season, probably with more baited breath than for any season since probably 1986, the Bahrain GP was such a bore that I turned the TV off on lap 22 and got started on my VAT return (sales tax for my US friends) instead.

Aside from the pathetic circuit, which looks like a slot car track in a sand pit, the race was just a procession. I would have had more entertainment watching the traffic at the end of the road I live in. If this is the way the new season is going to pan out I shall have a lot of free Sundays.

While I’m on the subject the BBC pre race session hasn’t improved at all either. As I was sat here today I thought that I’d watch, but found it every bit as dire as when I last saw it. For most of last year I was able to time switching on the TV with the tail end of the formation lap but, if today’s event is going to be typical, I won’t be switching on at all.

I am really disappointed.

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The Joys of Shopping #2 – fun with phrases

So we’re out there amongst the shelves in our favourite supermarket. Maybe some cooked meat? Ah. Cured ham. But cured of what? I mean what did this pig have to be cured of and, having cured it, why then let it die for us to eat? We need answers!

Then there cultured yogurt. Well, you wouldn’t want the uncouth one would you? Just think what that could get up to behind the closed door of your fridge. Coarse sugar in the cupboard is enough hooligan food for any home.

Come on food legislators. These are the issues that are important in food labelling, not messing about over what is or isn’t a sausage.

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like Lazurus the combination oven has risen!

Our much loved Neff combination oven, used 2 or 3 times daily since we bought it 6 or so years ago, was found dead in the kitchen on Sunday, having faithfully cooked Saturday dinner and a bread and butter pudding the night before.

But a nice man has just been and replaced an internal fuse and it’s working  again! No big bill for a new oven.

Now all we need is for the Jaguar not to need much work for her MOT tomorrow and it will have been a good week.

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