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What I Do

I help businesses turn strategy into profit.

I've been delivering significant business results for more than 25 years and I can bring that experience to help your business.

How often do companies have a great strategy that just doesn't work out? More and more I am finding my work is in mentoring senior managers and directors as both teams and on a one to one basis to help them turn their strategies into reality.

As I said at the top I'm celebrating 25 years of making things happen and can pass my way of working on to you. I can bring my experience to assist your business or you as an individual. If you feel I could help you or your team, please call me.

I am a trouble shooter, mentor, trainer, commercial consultant and industry pundit. I'm based in Wiltshire and happy to travel throughout the UK, Europe, and many other parts of the World.

If you have a problem, talk to me. An initial chat costs nothing. If I can help I will, if I can't I'll try and point you to someone else who can.

Who Do I Work For?

I work for corporates, SMEs, individuals, start ups, not for profit organisations and charities. I believe in simple solutions regardless of how complex the problem; this approach has served the companies I've worked for well over the years so why not take advantage? I'm just a phone call or email away.

Telephone me on
+44 (0)751 60 40 737 or contact me by e-mail:help@johnjbowen.com

A Personal Message

John's e-Stores

Welcome to my e-commerce zone. I have a number of business interests and you'll find here links to some of the retail businesses that I have some involvement in or have worked with.

My Recommended Reading

Books & Music

DriverJohn Transport Memorobilia

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Free Advice

I don't charge for everything, so if you have a business question feel free to ask me. Click the link on the right to email for free advice.

Local Wiltshire Business Directory

Boardroom Resource

Many growing companies begin to struggle because the entrepreneur behind them ends up with just too much on their plate. Other organisations find that they lack strength in depth at the top to push through the things that need to be done.

Help need not be expensive. I am an experienced executive and non executive director and can offer support on the basis of one or two days a month on a short to medium term basis to help make the difference you need to get results.

Call or email and we can talk about what you might need.

Author & Columnist

I write the Monday Musings weekly blog and for a range of publications. I have been writing a regular column for FM World since January 2012, am a member of the Water Cooler crowd at Tomorrows FM and have a few books to my name which you can buy through this link: Buy My Books.

Need a Speaker?

As an author and industry pundit I'm regularly asked to speak at, or chair, business conferences. If you would like me to help your event, please get in touch. You'll see some of the events that I have and will be speaking at here.

Press & PR

Click here Press Cuttings a list of links to magazine articles and press reports that quote me.

If you are an editor or journalist needing industry input, please get in touch.

You can also access the list of presentations and workshops that I run here Presentations and Workshops

Transport & Motorsport Collectables

I have been interested in all forms of transport for as long as I can remember and have collected transport and motor sport stuff for years. In 2002 I began to sell as well as buy and this business is now well established under the DriverJohn brand. A link to the web site is on the left of the page here in my e-commerce zone or you can visit my stand at Gloucester Antiques Centre (see below).

Historic Gloucester Docks

I have a business interest at Gloucester Antiques Centre at Gloucester Quays in the historic dock area. It's a great location for a day out with plenty to see and do and much of it under cover. Gloucester Quays

My Monday Column

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Telephone +44 (0)751 60 40 737.

Contact me by e-mail:john@johnjbowen.com