MRI scans – they’re not that bad

Just back from GWH in Swindon having had another MRI scan. One of my fellow outpatients was getting very distressed about their turn and I know of others who are terrified, so here are a few thoughts that I hope will encourage those who are worried.

I’ve had a few scans now, some in the open scanner where you lie on the ironing board and they move what looks like a big circular fluorescent tube over you, but the others, like today, have been in the tunnel version (I don’t know the technical term).

Yes they are a tube and yes you do have to be slid into it on your trolley. Now I’m not exactly small; I’m 6ft 2, somewhere around 20 stone (280lbs) and take a 50 inch chest jacket size, so I do touch the sides, but I just lie back and relax, shut my eyes and think about anything other that where I am.

Some of the scans are a bit on the noisy side and may involve a bit of vibration, but they warn you over the headphones. You have your buzzer in your hand if it really gets distressing, but if you can just lie still and let them get it done it’s soon over. If they pull you out they have to start again, at least from that scan, so relax and enjoy the chance to have a lie down during the day!

It doesn’t hurt and, whilst you are in a confined space, there is nothing to trap you or to fall in on you, it is nice and clean and you also have medical help a few feet away.

I hope that these words help anyone that reads them. Feel free to email me (via my web site – see link on right) if you’d like to cyber chat about it.

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