#F1 Musings

What on earth are HRT up to on the driver front? Dropping Senna for the British GP was a bit of a shock even if he has been a bit of a waste of space, but now they drop Chandhok! Not signs of any real leadership for the team.

JV making another come back attempt? He did OK in a decent car, but was pretty ordinary otherwise and is too far past his sell by date now. Maybe buying his way in as an entrant is one last roll of the dice to get himself a drive, but he really ought to fade away quietly.

After being so rude about the opening event I am happy to say, as I did here the other week, that I was wrong and that this is turning into a good season with plenty of doubt about the outcome of each race, and no runaway at the top of the table. Roll on Hockenheim, even if they did make a hash of changing the track a few years ago. Silverstone shows how it can be done.

Blown diffusers? Wondering where the idea came from? Not a new concept; check out the 1986 MARCH indycar, where one A Newey was on the factory design team and being loaned out to the preferred customer’s race team. These things come around from time to time.


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