the joys of shopping #11 – or am I being heightist?

There I am, down on all fours, rooting through the garments on the bottom shelf hunting for a colour and size that will work for me.

“May I help you sir?” chimes a voice from above. I look up to find an assistant (associate for my US friends) looming over me.

I rise to my feet as gracefully as I can (for those who haven’t met me I am 6 foot 3 and weigh around 300lbs). “Yes” I tell her, “you can tell me why you put the sizes for big guys like me on the floor and the stuff for dwarves and midgets (OK, I didn’t use those terms) on the top shelf here at eye level for me?”.

Telling me that all their stores are laid out like this is no excuse. I know that they are, and so are all of their competitors, but why? Just because one store does soemthing dumb doesn’t make it right.

I’ve seen the same thing with double height racks for sports jackets: They start top left with the short stuff, move through standard lengths to the end and back down onto the lower rail, then the long fittings are at the bottom on the right. Maybe I should sue one of these stores for the strain on my body? That might get things changed.

Seriously retailers; get some sense into this. If you must use shelves and double height rails, put the stuff for big blokes like me up top and that for the vertically challenged down low where they can get at it with ease.

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