why I will be voting no2av next month

Despite many of my friends seeming to support the proposed change to the way we elect our politicians I will be voting No on May 5th.

I am in favour of electoral reform, and think that a change is overdue, but this solution is, I think, very poorly designed and unlikely to give us anything better than we have now. In fact I truly think that it could make things worse.

It is a shame that, after waiting so long for there to be a chance of doing something better, all that  is on offer is such an appalling mess. I hope that it does not come to fruition, but am concerned that if my wish comes through it will be a while before we get another chance. Even so, I cannot see the point in voting for change just for the sake of it, especially one that I think is so bad, and so I shall be putting my cross in the No box.


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One response to “why I will be voting no2av next month

  1. Fiona Thomas

    I’ve read the leaflet that they sent out and found it somewhat ambiguous. Especially the part about it will only happen if enough people vote for it and they change the boundaries. Does that mean that if the boundary change is rejected, AV will not happen even if it was voted in?
    My poor old Mum and Dad are totally confused by it all and I can imagine many others will be too. I thought that it was a good idea, but am not so sure now.

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