more on the yes2av campaign – is there a scandal that we should know about?

I am all for a fair fight, good open debate and accepting the results at the end, whatever they may be. My own campaign against the yes2av lobby is, I hope, a good example of putting an alternative argument forward so that people can make up their own minds, albeit that I do hope that my arguments do influence people towards my way of thinking.

And so I am appalled the read via another blog quoting from The Spectator that the Electoral Reform Society, who would have much to gain financially from a Yes2av vote being successful, are sponsoring that campaign. Read the blog and reference to the article here and make up your own mind.

It is old news maybe, having been published in late Feb this year, but was news to me until this morning.



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2 responses to “more on the yes2av campaign – is there a scandal that we should know about?

  1. What do you have against a new way of voting? In Wiltshire for too long we are forced to accept the status quo without any influence. Why should we not have a system that will give us a vote which is truely counted?

    • Hello Charlotte. Sorry we’re on opposite sides here.

      I’ve hoped for, and at times worked for, a better way of having my vote represented in government since I was first allowed to have one, but I am so disappointed that what we are being offered is, for me, a nonsense. How can having someone elected where votes for them as a second or third (or lower) choice are counted make it any better than what we have now?

      I don’t think that it does, and would rather not vote for what I see as such a poor substitute, especially as I believe that if we do it will be a long time before we can do anything else. So Iam voting no in the sincere hopes that rejecting it will give us the opportunity to have a better alternative put before us.

      I still care about this country and what happens to it, even if my own time here is running away. I understand that you and others are for this change, but I think that we are being sold a pup. Am I right or wrong? I don’t know, but, like you, I care enough to say something now.

      When it’s all over I’ll accept the majority view whichever way it goes (and even if, as so often in FPFT, it is the will of a minority that makes it so).

      Thanks for writing, and I wish you well in your own campaign.

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