christian symbols offensive? leave colin atkinson alone

Those who read my ramblings on a regular basis will know that I do not believe in G-d, but I have no objections whatsoever to those who do drawing comfort from their religion and the traditions and pageantry that go with them.

In a land that once was proud of its tolerance I am appalled that a gentle man by the name of Colin Atkinson can find himself in trouble with hie employers for displaying a cross in his vehicle.

I appreciate that it is their vehicle, and that they have to draw the line somewhere about how employees customise their working environment, but to say that it might offend is, to me, wrong.

Some 37 years ago I found myself in an early management role having to deal with customers who wanted a maintenance person to call, “but not the *****” (insert own word for someone of a darker skin). We have come a long way since those days of prejudice that Warren Mitchell parodied so brilliantly, and I am as angry about the treatment of Mr Atkinson as I was about the events of 1974.

I hope that someone sees sense here and drops this whole issue. To allow it to continue is to shame us all.



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2 responses to “christian symbols offensive? leave colin atkinson alone

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  2. I am delighted to read that there are Muslim and Hindi leaders who are also supporting this cause. My father, uncles and grandfathers fought for freedom, some of them dying in the cause, and it gives me comfort that those of other faiths, and those like me of no faith, can come together in the name of freedom to worship, or not, and we choose.

    My sincere thanks.

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