the joys of blogging

There are those days when there is so much that you want to say that you just don’t have time to get it all down, and other days when you stare at a blank screen with your fingers waiting for messages to flow down from the brain and tell them what to type. Some days they can wait a long time….

I write for about seven blogs now, only two of which have any sort of deadline I need to meet. I powered up the lap top this morning to write for one of those, but nothing coherent is coming out so I’ over here writing this instead. At least I am writing and that may get the creative juices flowing enough to make something happen.

One of the joys of having a deadline to meet is that often what I write is purely spontaneous and doesn’t get much fiddling with or polishing. Other blogs have posts that may have gone through many drafts as I seek to make the most economic use of the language and my vocabulary.

Spontaneous writing also has the joy of discovery when I read something I’ve written months after the event and think that I did a good job. Of course there are times when I think that a post was complete drivel or anything else between the two extremes.

Writing gives me pleasure as I exercise a precious skill. If it gives someone else pleasure that is an added bonus, but if it teaches someone else something, helps them learn something new, then that is a privilege.

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