News from Skaro; Dalek’s creator dies

News that Raymond Cusick has died, aged 84, brought a tinge of sadness this way for, although that is a good age, this was the gentleman who designed one of my favourite TV icons; the Dalek for whilst it was Terry Nation who came up with the idea, it was Raymond who brought that idea its shape.

The Daleks did not frighten me at all; rather I loved them from the start. Some may claim to have hidden behind the sofa on their appearance, but I would have been found on the edge of my cushion, eyes glued to the screen. My love of them showed through in two of the stories in my last book where I found them gainful employment around the hospital (and possibly elsewhere in the town).

So now the two main players in creating them are gone from us, but their creation is immortal and, 50 years on in these different and green times, is almost the ultimate in recyclable products, for they can come back time and time again in their efforts to exterminate us. They never will of course, but that is just part of their charm.

So thanks Terry and Raymond. You have left us with something wonderful.


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