don’t jump on the tracks mate

With apologies to Cy Coben, whose words I have adapted, the following came to me on the 2115 from Paddington last night, partly with regard to my own plight, this have been my second jumper in 8 days and the third in a few months, and partly from the frantic pleadings of a chap sat in front of me who was clearly having difficulty persuading his partner that he was really just delayed again and not that he had been up to naughties with someone at the office.

Don’t jump on the tracks mate, you’ll make our Daddy late home

It’s happening quite often, and Mum thinks he’s started to roam.

If you must end it all mate, why don’t you give us a break

There’s plenty of water about mate, so jump in a river or lake.

Don’t Jump of the Rood Dad” written by Cy Coben, 1960


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