Kate O’Mara

News that the lady had taken her final curtain came was rather sad for I had long had something of a soft spot for her. Not from any of her screen performances though, but from a random act of kindness.I would have been about 14 or 15 years old when whilst making my way in the pouring rain to the ‘bus stop to go to school a car pulled up alongside and the passenger door opened. “Get in” said a voice and I did, recognising the lady driver as a guest of the family that my parents worked for. The rain had stopped by the time that we got into the village and she could have dropped me off on the main road half a mile from school, but instead she took me not just to the gate, but up the drive and to the door in full view of many of my classmates.

That lady driver was Kate and although I had almost certainly seen her on TV once or twice by then I didn’t recognise her in her guise as my chauffeuse; it was only later that my parents told me her name and that she was an actress. I just remember the thrill of having a glamorous lady saving me from a soaking and I’ve had a soft spot for her ever since. Always will. RIP.

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