Even more on the joys of writing

You find yourself at a point where you have written something that is published and being read. It may only be a blog or possibly a self published book, but it has attracted an audience, even if just of one.

Encouraged you write more and then one day you open your email inbox and there is one the has something about a book deal in the title line. Oh the excitement as you open the message.

What you will probably find is that there is no offer of an advance to write a book, nor even an offer to take up what you have written so far, but instead there will be a labyrinthine trail that will ultimately get you to the point where they want your money.

These things come in various guises; I have had several now and they have all come from having achieved some sort of visibility as an author. The more successful you get the more that seem to come and having had one of my short and inexpensive e-guides several times hit the #1 best seller position in its niche category I have seemingly become a target.

Most of these people seem to be just playing on the vanity of aspiring writers and they must catch enough to make it worthwhile. They may well offer a genuine service somewhere downstream, but you will find yourself investing much before you see any return and should you find yourself in Dan Brown territory with your next book you will find that there is a considerable slice coming off the top before your royalties get considered.

If you do find yourself with someone offering you a book deal be very careful about how you respond. However, while you do think about what to do at least bask in the fact that you are only being targeted because they have seen that you are a writer. You have, at least, been recognised and that alone should be a reward for your efforts.



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