An unpalatable thought

The rise of the Trumpster on the politcal scene in the US has brought the inevitable blast of leftist outrage regarding much of what the man appears to stand for; racist, bigot, bully they scream, but maybe there is something that they are missing.

Donald Trump is running a very unconventional campaign in politics, but perhaps the most significant aspect of it is a complete failure to observe political correctness for he has said things that no candidate supported by a party machine would be allowed to say. There is no spin at work here; the man just speaks his mind. Or does he?

Just as any politician he uses phrases that are intended to resonate with voters, but whereas in the mainstream these would be carefully tailored messages that were influenced by polling and media managers, The Donald speaks to the average person and tells it like it is. Is it what he thinks, or is it what he thinks people want to hear?

Political Correctness insists that we cannot hold a prejudice of any sort for if we do were are racists or bigots or both, but people are prejudiced and the PC brigade have bullied the populace for years on this point. But the victims of bullying tend to just keep quiet until their tormentor goes away or finds another victim.

It may be an unpalatable thought, but maybe the PC brigade have met their match and in Mr Trump the common person has found an unlikely champion. DT may be a lot of things, but he is no fool. No-one who creates a global business and survives as long as he has is an idiot. Far from it and one very key skill that the man demonstrates over and over is the ability to understand what people really want for that is why he is such a good negotiator. Trump is reading the mood of people who are sick of PC and is appealing to their desire for a new order. It is easy to snipe and say that he is vile and nasty, but if he is so abhorrent why is he gaining such support? People are hearing him and getting behind him and that support is coming from the grass roots.

As horrible as the idea is to those who like to claim the moral high ground it might just be that they are in fact in a minority. And just because people hold a prejudice or two might not make them really nasty people; far from it. Perhaps the time has come for a change. The thought might stick in the throats of those who like to tell everyone how they should think, but maybe they have had their day.






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