Changes afoot in the ether

I have a silly number of blogs and websites that exploded fifteen years or so ago when I went freelance. Over time a few have fallen by the wayside and this year I began a serious purge. Why? I am getting older and my life has changed a lot from those early days of being out from under the corporate umbrella. The world around me has changed too and current events will bring another step change; if nothing else they are giving me time to think.

One of the changes I am making is that most of my web sites have companion blogs and it makes sense to me that these be combined. This blog has morphed a bit over the years. It was originally intended to cover things that I felt inappropriate for That Consultant Bloke’s Monday Musings. Here I could get more political and indulge in some of the humour that would have been out of place on MM.

Not all of that has really worked and this blog has been neglected more than I am comfortable with, but it is now going to become home to and the transfer of that site to WordPress is under way.

I am using this transfer as an experiment and, if it works, then I will start to do the same for my other web sites and move them here to WordPress. The web hosting organisation that I started out with many years ago has been bought out a few times and each time the new owners have changed the game. At first I could buy a domain, craft as many HTML pages as I wanted to coding them myself. I had email accounts for each site that worked and life was easy, but each time the hosting changed hands it got more difficult.

I regularly find that my sites are down or that email has stopped working and trying to keep up with a dozen or so web sites has become a nightmare from both business and personal perspectives and so I have started to ring the changes.

Hopefully nothing will vanish into the ether, but hopefully anything that does can be quickly recovered. If you are trying to contact me and find that I am no longer on that channel of communication then try another one; if you know me then you will know how to find me.


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