An ego trip

Blogging is something of an ego trip; I get that and have no issue with it. Whilst I do try to keep my ego in check I know that it can run away with me given the slightest loss of control, but I also know that it is not possible to do the sorts of jobs that I have done without an element of ego being prevalent.

I know that, at times, I have been a pompous prat and that realisation is part of my control mechanism. I can recognise the symptoms and, for the last 33 years, have had a good woman at my side to make sure that I have seen the signs of going over the top. Like most things in life it is about balancing opposing forces.

Over the years since blogging became popular I have had more than a dozen blogs of the go. A few years back I cut all of that back, deleting three blogs and five websites including dropping all of the social media presence around them. It had all got out of hand and my lifestyle was changing as I ceased working overseas. Now the time has come for more rationalisation and I am looking at merging this blog with

There will be consequences to doing that, not least in terms of audience, and there are various sundry issues like email accounts linked to the blogs (which are also websites in their own right). It may turn out to be impractical, but time marches on, I will be 70 in a few weeks and I need to try and declutter my life a little as other priorities become important. My last two business ventures are being closed down and I will trade on a personal basis when and where I choose to from now on.

This is not the last you will here from the bloke at the back, but my voice may come through a different URL soon, ego permitting. Thanks for stopping by, stay safe and maybe you’ll look in again.


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