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when TV adverts were fun – whitbread abdul the bulbul emir

This is just one of a series, but features a young Stephen Fry as Ivan, an equally young Blackadder colleague Tim McInnerny as the minstrel and Tony Cosmo as Abdul.

The words used in the song in the ad are obviously geared around the product, but use the tune and general theme of the original as written by Frank Crumit in 1941 (ish) using Percy French’s 1877 poem,

A number of references to the song and the ad call it Abdul la BulBul Emir (and have assorted spellings of Emir). This possibly comes from a mis-hearing of the proper title Abdullah BulBul Emir. I had alway known it as Abdul the BulBul Emir from having first heard some rather rude versions over the years prior to seeing the Whitbreadversion, but, anyway, here is the clip:

Whitbread’s Abdul


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when tv commercials were fun – carling black label king arthur

Having written recently about Monty Python and Fawlty Towers as being series that I did not find funny I though that I would use some examples of TV commercials as things that did amuse me because of their style and wit. Last Monday I blogged a link to the Weetabix Robin Hood spoof and that has been well received, so I’ve had a trawl around YouTube and found a few more.

So here is another light hearted piece, this time  from the Oblivion Boys series of ads for Carling Black Label, here featuring the Knights of The Round Table and the Arthurian Legend.

I have a few more up my sleeve, so over the next few weeks watch out each Monday for a new one.


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