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Standards of dress; why do they even let these people into the airport

When I was younger a trip to Heathrow was a treat. Go up to the viewing gallery, watch the ‘planes and the people and, for a while, be part of the glamour of it all, because those who were travelling dressed with style and elegance.

Now the majority are just a bunch of scruffs, most of whom I would not want in my home let alone to have to share a journey with. I wouldn’t allow them anywhere near the airport, let alone onto a ‘plane.


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Why can’t we get airport design right in the UK?

As someone who has been in customer service for over 45 years I get puzzled by the failure to do some simple things that could make a huge difference. I’ve just travelled through Heathrow’s Terminal 3, but these remarks aren’t confined to that building, more to what I see as a series of blindingly obvious failures. Continue reading

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