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when tv adverts were fun – good sport your missus – another from Castlemaine XXXX

With their Ute teetering an the brink of disaster, could this pair have misunderstood the lady?

Watch it here and make up your own minds. Castlemaine XXXX at its finest perhaps.

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when TV adverts were fun – Carling Black Label parody the Levi’s Launderette ad

The Levi’s launderette ad, where the handsome young man comes in and strips down to his boxers, was a memorable ad in its own right(see below), making a star of Nick Kamen and also bringing a new audience to the music of Marvin Gaye.

Then The Oblivion Boys had another go at it on behalf on Carling Black Label. Enjoy it here.

As a bonus, check out the original Levi’s 501 ad.


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