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Letters to the Editor – the smart meter scam

Dear Sir

There is something very wrong in this campaign to have us all sign up for smart electricity meters. Looking at the benefits for me as a consumer then there is nothing that I can do with a smart meter that I can’t do with what I have now. It may be that some things might be easier, but that is all.

From the supplier’s point of view they can read my meter without my intervention, or at least in theory, but from what the technicians tell me they can’t always do that. The meters cannot be transferred if you change supplier; it seems ridiculous that there is not a universal meter that is transferable, but there is not.

Their reliability is questionable compared to unsmart ones so why on earth would anyone want to have one installed? I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but the current push towards us all having them concerns me. Do people think that we are so stupid that we will just accept that they are a good idea? Presumably they do.

What is the real reason why we should have them? I think that we should be told.

Yours etc

Disgusted of Dorcan


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