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how much longer can soccer keep spending millions?

The other week Patrick Collins wrote in the Mail on Sunday about football risking losing a generation of fans. His point was about the ridiculous situation of having all seated stadia and allowing people to stand, citing the problem of paying a fortune for seats for your kids only for them not to be able to see anything but the person in fronts back and therefore not being interested enough to want to follow the game. I agree with the issue of making grounds have seats and allowing people to stand; I’ve written on that subject more than once, but will it cost the game a generation? I’m not sure. Continue reading


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RIP Ralph Coates

I was sad to read that Ralph Coates had passed on. I can remember him from his Burnley days, but mostly from his time at Tottenham where he was a nifty winger and dangerous in the box to boot. To see him taunting a full back or flashing down the line with that comb over streaming behind him he always seemed to be giving his all and he was one of those players that the other teams always seemed to respect.

Sad news to hear that he has gone, and at no age really, but I doubt that I’m the only one with fond memories of his playing days.

Oh for a time when footballers wore proper shorts and played for pleasure rather than the next endorsement deal.

RIP Ralph, and thanks for the memories.

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