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Florida’s next govenor

Jeb Bush came from a political family (you may have heard of his Dad and his brother, both of whom served, albeit with widely different standards). He seemed like a good administrator and I got the impression that my adopted second home state prospered with him in the chair.

Charlie Crist came over as a good man and a rare politicion in that he always seemed more intrested in getting the job done than in self promotion.

Sure maybe both had some grey areas in their administrations, but what prospects does FL have to come? The candidates appear to offer a choice between a crook and an incompetant. As for the furore over the recent televised debate where one party clearly did break the rules of the debate and then was silly, or poorly advised,  enough to lie about what she had done (did she not know, or was she not told, that the episode was filmed and was being broadcast ad nauseum?).

Pretty stupid, but her opponent’s outrage was pathetic. Come on people, what about the real issues?

If this is the best that came be offered, Florida could be in for a rough time whichever way the vote goes.


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