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Motorsportmania blog goes live this weekend!

Over this weekend I will be moving my motoring and motor sport (auto racing) posts over onto a new blog, Motorsport Mania here on WordPress. Motorsport Mania

This will allow those who are following my motoring mutterings to do so without having all of the other stuff that apears on John’s Jottings cluttering up their message boxes.

The new blog will feature all of my car related stuff from this weekend onwards and I’ll have a look at building a page of links back to the various motor sport and driving blog entries from the JJ site.

So that will be the place to go for my thoughts on current matters in F1, NASCAR, Indy and other types of racing and, expecially as I’m doing some other writing at present (Truck & Driver took an article from me last week for future publication for example), I’ll mention these as and when they come up.

Thanks to my followers, and I look forward to your comments on the the new blog as it gets under way.


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#F1 musings on the #German Grand Prix

Once again Red Bull can’t translate qualifying pace in to race pace, but McLaren again show how to run a race even if not that quick in qualifying. That’s how they win championships, and why they’re leading both again this season..

Ferarri? Well that was a pretty flagrant team order despite the language used. My view is that, under current regulations, Alonso should not have been allowed past. If he was so much quicker then he should have just taken the place.

To me the obvious choice for the stewards would have been to just reverse the result and put Alonso back to second as it was really only those two that were affected, but we’ve been left with the unsatisfactory result of having to wait to know the outcome.

As far as the second division are concerned, a bad event generally for Force India, but Sauber had another good day as did Williams.

Good to see what looked like a decent crowd. Like Silverstone and Monza you can reckon on a good turnout in Germany and this is, for me, why F1 needs to retain the classic events regardless of what Bernie’s mob demand in terms of finances.

So they’ve cleared the Ferarri and Red Bull front wings. Maybe they do pass the static tests, but there does seem to be something that happens under dynamic loads when running. Good luck to them if they’ve found a demon tweak. F1 should be about innovation and I’m all for it.

Going back to team orders, there was a time when the drivers would have sorted it out between them, but those days are long gone. I’m against a ban on them though because we need less rules not more. Massa could just have said no. The team could have turned his engine down from the pits. There are all sorts of things that could have been brought into play so, for me, legislation is pointless.

That’s my lot for now. I’m off to see what is going on stateside with NASCAR fvrom Indy and how Will Power is getting on in Indycar.

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