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Letters to the Editor – a national scandal


The evening before last, on national television, someone proposed murdering people in the UK because of their political belief. Had I appeared alongside them and proposed the similar murder of people of, say, a particular sexual persuasion, those who are transgender, belonging to a particular race or religion I would have been arrested and charged by now, but for the other person? Nothing so far.

Where is the outrage? Why are the leadership of the Left not all over the media saying “Not in our name”? Other than a few paragraphs buried deep in newsprint simply reporting the incident there is little evidence that it happened at all.

It is a national scandal that Left leaning people can get away with openly calling those of an opposing view “Tory Scum”. That is personal abuse that should not be going unpunished, but it is just accepted, and yet it is an example of hate crime as much as any form of racial, sexual, religious or other abuse that would see a person clapped in irons these days. Why the double standard?

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Disgusted of Dorcan


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