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An investment for Wayne’s extra pay packet

If he wants to spend about fifty pence of his new wages can I recommend that he potters off to a second hand book or charity shop and finds himself a copy of Nobby Stiles’ autobiography?

Read it and learn Wayne. Other times, other ways maybe, but you could use a lesson in humility. If you want to see your club ambitious for trophies, then show some leadership and do your bit instead of behaving the way you have recently.

If you want trophies then they will come from the team playing as a team, not because of you alone. You have a huge talent, so get fit , say sorry and get out there and play for your mates.


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Nobby Stiles; a true hero

Very sad news that Nobby is going to have to sell his treasures. This guy is a true hero from the days when football was a sport and not a bunch of overpaid (insert own adjective).

He played his heart own for his clubs and his fans and put a lot back into the game when his playing days were over. Surely the game can afford to help some of the people that made it what it is today? If the players at Manchester United, or at Middlesborough and Preston, gave up an hours pay each it would mount up, so why not make it a days pay each lads? Buy his stuff and give it back.

Oh, and buy his autobiography. It should be compulsary reading for all youngsters, regardless of whether or not soccer is their game.

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