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the end of tennis as I knew it

I’ve read in the paper’s over the last few days about it being 30 years since a certain loud mouthed brat made his mark at Wimbledon, and almost in some way celebrating those events.

For me I can only mourn the passing of a game that I used to enjoy watching. J P McE may have made the game more exciting for some, but his blatant gamesmanship in producing those stage managed tantrums was a turn off and so I did. I’ve only watched part of one Wimbledon event since (some awfully piggy faced woman was making equally piggy grunts every time she hit the ball) and that was because I was a guest in the house; I would not have watched from choice.

The Brat should have been thrown out when he failed to heed the warning and told to come back when he could get on with the game. Instead they reduced tennis to the level of professional wrestling.

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when TV adverts were fun – Carling Black Label parody the Levi’s Launderette ad

The Levi’s launderette ad, where the handsome young man comes in and strips down to his boxers, was a memorable ad in its own right(see below), making a star of Nick Kamen and also bringing a new audience to the music of Marvin Gaye.

Then The Oblivion Boys had another go at it on behalf on Carling Black Label. Enjoy it here.

As a bonus, check out the original Levi’s 501 ad.

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why are publishers so reluctant to pay up for content?

I’m in the process of having to take strong action against one publishing house and am actively chasing another for payment for articles that I have written for them and, in the former case, for several photos to accompany the article. Both articles have been published against agreed terms, so what is the problem with coughing up what is owed?

One problem is that it is taking me longer to chase them than it did to write the darn things in the first place, but I am going to keep going even if I end up taking them down the small claims route.

It is a shame as it takes away both the pleasure of having something published and any feeling of support for that publication, but such is life. There are a lot of shysters out there.

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the power of the media – e.coli and all that

So there I am, networking away after giving an evening presentation, when realisation of the time creeps up on me. I need to get moving. I’ve missed out on the sponsor’s excellent looking buffet, but plan to grab a sandwich at Paddington – it’s a long time since 12 and my hurried lunch.

Farewells said I head out into Kingsway and cross the street heading for Holborn Station and the Central Line. As I funnel into the stream of others squeezing into the entrance I take the free Evening Standard and shuffle through the turnstiles and down the escalator.

A westbound train is just pulling so I dive on, lean up against the partition and open my paper. The news is bad: Mutant e.coli sweeping Europe and the US. Deadly bugs passed on via salad items seem to be the cause and we have 7 victims over here in the UK now. Nasty stuff, and I feel for the folks in Hamburg, the epicentre of the outbreak the paper tells me, as it is somewhere I have visited many times on business and have always been warmly welcomed.

A change of train at Oxford Circus and I get a seat this time. I read more about the outbreak and its implications. All very unpleasant.

Paddington comes up and I make my way through the tunnel and up onto the concourse. I have 10 minutes before the train is due out, so head for the food concessions to find, you guessed it, row upon row of tired looking concoctions (well it is just after 9pm) all embellished with limp salad.

Even if the chance of any of it being likely to be carrying a nasty bug is infinitesimal, ThatConsultantBloke goes home to bed hungry, unable to face any of it, the power of the media having put him off thoroughly.

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when TV adverts were fun – Carling Black Label on snooker

Another older clip and back with Carling Black Label. Here we have snooker world champions John Spencer and Terry Griffiths with top referee of the time Len Ganley and with the voice of the late “whispering” Ted Lowe. Spencer’s throw away “you ask him” at the end is a classic.

Anyway, enjoy the advert here.

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hats off to Sir Frank Whittle: celebrating the 70th anniversary of Britain’s first jet powered flight

Seventy years ago today history was made when a British jet powered aeroplane first flew as the W1 turbo fan powered Gloster E28/39 took off from Cranwell and made a successful first flight.

Thanks to George Carter who designed the aeroplane, to Gloster chief test pilot Flight Lieutenant Gerry Sayer who made that first 17 minute flight, and to the perseverance and genius of Sir Frank Whittle, Britain entered the jet age.

Notwithstanding that the Germans had already flown their first jet aircraft, the He 178 in 1939 and would actually be the first to get a jet powered aeroplane into operational service in the shark like Me 262, this having first flown jet with power around 14 months after the Gloster. But Frank Whittle got the idea first, and today marks a landmark in our aviation history. It punctuates a remarkable 66 year period between the Wright brothers staggering into the air for the first powered and controlled flight and Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon.

So let’s celebrate the achievement on this, its 70th anniversary.

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when TV adverts were fun – the Smash aliens

Going back a bit further than I have so far in this series, here is another classic piece of lateral thinking in the shape of the “Smash them all to bits” advert for Smash mashed potato featuring their wonderful metalic aliens.

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victory is never sweet when it is at the expense of friends #vote2011

So it looks like a massive No2AV.

I voted No, but am I pleased with the result? Not especially, no. Yes it is the result I voted for, but only because I was presented with an alternative that I found even less palatable. I voted for the lesser of two evils as I saw it.

Was the No campaign persuasive? I don’t think so, in fact I would say that the Yes campaign did more damage to itself with some of the arguments it put forward. The campaign has seen some pretty stupid things said on either side, but unfortunately that is par for the course in modern, sound bite ridden, negative politics, and the result has been voted in by a poor turnout, even if it was better than some predicted.

So I sit here this evening casting an occasional glance at the unfolding vote with no sense of pleasure let alone satisfaction. And not just because of what I have just said, but also because there a few people I count as friends who were as passionate about a yes vote as I was opposed to it. As a Scottish pal once said to me, victory is never sweet when it is at the expense of friends. Their loss gives me no pleasure.

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when TV adverts were fun – an opinion, and a bonus advert

I hope that folks are enjoying my little weekly series providing a link tosome of the TV commercials that I think were great examples.

Whilst the implication is that they are not that good these days, I do enjoy some of the current crop. The long running Walkers Crisps series are usually pretty good, as are most of the Cleaner Close mini soaps (my favourite being the launderette one).

Many of the French car company adverts have style, but I do like to see some intelligence and wit, and a big favourite at the moment is the Cats with Thumbs one from Cravendale. Anyone who is owned by a cat will understand this one.

Anyway, I hope that there will long continue a tradition of decent advertising, especially as we have to put up with so much of it these days.

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when TV adverts were fun – the Water in Majorca courtesy of Heinekin

With apologies to Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, Heinekin took a shot at how their beverage might just help this young Sloane Ranger (played by Sylvestra Le Touzel) with her steet cred. Bryan Pringle also stars as her tutor. Enjoy:

The Water in Majorca

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